Lighting Control and automation systems for Home, Office and more.......

Welcome to an exciting range of automation systems from Raylogic. Aimed at professional installers, AV integrators, home theatre suppliers etc., our systems are packed with features and capabilities rivalled only by a few others at a far greater price. Covering various aspects of automation including lighting, audio, video, projection, curtains, security, hvac etc., these systems offer comprehensive control of modern spaces spanning residential, commercial and recreational applications. The range includes wired & wireless touch screens, control keypads, system processors, DIN and wall mounting lighting control systems and easy to use configuration software. A fully modular lighting control product range allows scaling from a single room to multiple rooms with transparency and ease. Third party device control, via integrated libraries, is an integral part of the system and allows almost any brand of equipment to be automated with ease.

Fully customized graphics on touch panels allows personalized and exclusive user interface with easy incorporation of pictures and logos. Backed by a comprehensive warrantee and prompt after sales service, Raylogic also offers design assistance, training and support.

At Raylogic, we build products to make your life easier, greener and more energy efficient. It’s your world. Control it.

Tech Tips
  • Movie night? Choose a film from your media server and let a single touch do the rest — the lights dim, the curtains close and the TV turns on as the opening credits roll.
  • Optimise your air-conditioning cycle at night. While going to bed, hit a single button to set your ceiling fan to low speed and AC to cool. A few hours later, the automation system will turn the AC off and set your ceiling fan to high speed.
  • Harvest natural light by using motorised curtains and an intelligent dimming system. Pre-set daytime ‘scenes’ fully utilise natural light while minimising electrical consumption and enhancing lamp life.
  • Adjust the drapes in your living room from any room in the house to ensure maximum privacy without having to walk from one room to another.
  • Change scenes at pre-set times. Let Raylogic’s automation options do the work from dawn to dusk as you enjoy some well-deserved down time.
  • Monitor your IP camera from your iPad and unlock the door with a single touch from any room in the house!
  • Enjoy soft fades of lighting in the transitions between scenes across varied lamp types — be it incandescent, fluorescent or LED.
  • Concentrate on that all-important board meeting presentation without having to worry about lighting levels and microphone settings as the projector lowers itself into place. Let our controllers do that for you.
  • Forgot to turn off your lights as you rushed out the door? Our systems ensure that the solution is just an SMS away!
  • Eliminate the need for a plethora of different remote controls with our intelligent, integrated solutions for your ultimate comfort and convenience.
  • Get what you want faster. Navigate fewer menus. Tap a channel icon on our touchscreen to jump directly to your favourites.
  • Enjoy different genres of music simultaneously across different rooms, while streaming from single or multiple media sources.
  • Integrate and monitor IP cameras on your iPAD in single or multi-camera view.