What is Touchmate?
Touchmate is an iOS application that is configured via Design Express and allows control of Raylogic home and office automation hardware.
What can Touchmate control?
Touchmate controls the Raylogic automation processors, which in turn control any audio / video / lighting equipment via IR / Serial / IP / Relay / IO ports.
What hardware is needed?
Currently, the Raylogic automation processors (TC-1 and TC-2E) can be controlled by this application.
Is this application free?
Yes. The application is a free download from the App Store.
How does licensing work for this software?
The user must apply for a license, for a given iOS device, to allow downloading a project from Design Express. This happens automatically when the user downloads the project to a new iOS device from Design Express. Each automation processor purchased allows 1 iOS device to be used for control. Additional licenses may be chargeable. Contact support@raylogic.in for details.
Can I move licenses between iOS devices?
Each iOS device requires a unique license and therefore licenses cannot be moved between devices.
Can I customise the look and feel of the graphics?
Yes, Design Express allows complete customisation of the look and feel of the Touchmate GUI. Backgrounds, logos, icons, buttons, text labels and horizontal scroll bars can be freely designed and placed on pages. Button behaviour can be customised as well.
Can I use this appfor viewing security cameras?
Touchmate can be used to view feeds from specific IP cameras and DCRs with IP access. Contact support@raylogic.in for details.
Can I use this software around my whole house or bungalow?
This application uses WIFI to communicate with Raylogic automation processors. As long as the network coverage and signal strength is adequate in a given area, it will work perfectly.
Can I use multiple iOS devices running this application?
Yes, multiple iOS devices can be used to access the Raylogic automation processors.
Can I control devices using RS-232/422/485?
The TC-1 and TC-2E automation processors support all 3 three types of serial ports and must be configured in Design Express accordingly. Touchmate can then be used to control these devices.
Can I control devices using infra-red commands (IR)?
The TC-1 and TC-2E automation processors have IR ports that can drive a minimum of 2 IR emitters per port. Infra-red commands can also be captured locally and stored in the IR library. Raylogic has an advanced IR capture and emission allowing commands from nearly all brands, however complex, to be captured and emitted successfully. Touchmate can then be used to control these devices.
Can I control motorised curtains and blinds?
The TC-1 and TC-2E have low voltage relays on-board. These may be interfaced with additional relays to allow isolated control of curtains / blinds / motors. Optionally, the serial port may be used to drive the Raylogic relay interfaces. In either case, Touchmate can be used to control these devices.
Can I control different brands of projection and AV equipment?
Raylogic automation processors support several hundreds of brands of televisions, projectors, set top boxes, amplifiers, receivers, air conditioners, video switchers, dimmers etc. Contact support@raylogic.in for any specific information or query.
Is there a significant time lag between pressing a button on the software and getting a response?
Touchmate uses TCP/IP as a reliable method to send commands to the TC-1 and TC-2E processors. On a lightly / moderately loaded network, this gives a near-instant response as the packet sizes are optimised.



Touchmate Application (iOS)

  • iOS 4.2 or newer
  • iPodTouch
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Design Express

Design Express

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Dot Net framework 3.5 or greater
  • Internet Connection


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